“Utterly dire”: Newspaper slammed for misleading Boris Johnson front page

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The Telegraph have been panned on social media for publishing a misleading poll about Boris Johnson on its front page today.

The newspaper claims that “54% of British adults think Parliament should be prorogued to prevent MPs stopping a no-deal Brexit.”

In actual fact, the poll shows that only 44% support prorogation. The 54% figure comes when you discount people who say they ‘don’t know’. Since these people are also “British adults,” they should obviously be counted.


Polling experts have also noted that the poll, conducted in partnership with ComRes, posed a blatantly leading question, even referring to the Prime Minister using the chummy shorthand ‘Boris’.

Will Jennings, a politics Professor at the University of Southampton, had this to say about the poll:

The Telegraph have been fervent flag-wavers for Boris Johnson during and after the Conservative leadership contest, and have a pally relationship with the new PM.

Now their man has entered Downing Street, it seems clear they want to keep him there.

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2 responses to ““Utterly dire”: Newspaper slammed for misleading Boris Johnson front page

  1. The Telegraph has consistently (with the exception of Christopher Brooker RIP) banged the Brexit drum. Johnson is one of their own. Why am I not surprised by their manipulation of facts?

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