Tory social media campaign will be blitzed by Labour, predicts former Brexit Party digital guru

The Tories will be “outmatched” by the Labour Party on social media during the general election period, according to the former head of digital at the Brexit Party.

Writing on Twitter, Steven Edginton, who now works for right-wing blog Guido Fawkes, heaped bizarre praise on his political rivals and issued a warning to the Conservatives.


Social media has become an important battleground in political campaigning in recent years. Nigel Farage has said that he intends to use online platforms to broadcast his own messages, free from media scrutiny – a strategy has been slammed as “dodging journalists”.

Edginton may have grounds to be concerned about the Tory’s strategy. So far, their use of social media has missed the mark completely, not least after they doctored a video of Keir Starmer to make it seem as though the Labour Brexit Secretary had not answered an interview question.

And who can forget Westminster’s collective shudder when the party tried to pretend they knew what KFC was, and labelled Jeremy Corbyn a “bigger chicken” than the fast food outlet. KFC requested that the party did not involve it in its cheap political jibes.

Meanwhile, Labour has the largest digital reach on social media and has so far attracted the most likes on its posts during the campaign, suggesting that the Tories have a long way to go to catch up with their rivals.

Overall, when a former Brexit Party staffer who works for a Tory website says he “loves” a Labour Party video, it’s not looking good.

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