Who is the 19 year-old running the Brexit Party’s online operation?

In the few months since its launch, the Brexit Party has quickly amassed a large online following. What few people know, however, is that the party’s online operation is directed by a 19 year-old YouTuber.

Steven Edginton is the person behind the Brexit Party’s online campaigning. Edginton has an extensive CV for a 19 year-old. He has worked at Leave Means Leave, the Eurosceptic pressure group formed by Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice, as well as pro-Brexit news site Westmonster and the mysteriously funded Taxpayer’s Alliance.


Edginton is a rising star in right-wing circles, and appears to have a close relationship with Isabel Oakeshott, former Political Editor of the Sunday Times. He’s also a supporter of Turning Point UK – the controversial right-wing student society with links to the American alt-right.

Edginton became a darling of pro-Brexit zealots via his YouTube channel, Politics UK, which currently has over 38,000 subscribers. As you would expect, the tone of the channel is confrontational and fervently pro-Brexit. One of his videos is called, “Brussels to NUKE Brexit”. You get the idea.

This style has carried over into the Brexit Party’s online material, which bares Edginton’s name. As Scram News reported during the European election campaign, the Brexit Party spent tens of thousands of pounds aggressively targeting MPs who support a second referendum. In total, Edginton has splurged nearly £130,000 on Facebook ads since the party’s launch.

This spending power makes Edginton one of the most influential Brexiteers in Westminster. At 19, his influence is only likely to grow.

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