David Cameron’s former strategy chief Steve Hilton slams own record on austerity deaths

Steve Hilton, the former director of strategy for David Cameron, has slammed his own record on deaths caused by austerity in a Fox News rant.

Hilton now hosts a weekly Fox News show, and is a firm favourite of alt-right President Donald Trump.


Yesterday, the maverick strategist recorded a monologue for his show, saying that “ordinary Americans” would pay the price, if the country shuts down due to coronavirus.

Attempting to prove his point, Hilton said: “A UK study calculated that 130,000 people died avoidably from austerity there between 2012 and 2017. The years of austerity for America to pay the cost of this shutdown will be worse.”

Either Hilton didn’t write this script, or he self-sabotaged on live TV, or he somehow forgot that he was actually one of the architects of austerity in the UK.

Indeed Hilton was David Cameron’s director of strategy during his early years as Prime Minister – exactly the period when the Conservative Party imposed severe public spending cuts.

The same public spending cuts that led to 130,000 “preventable” deaths in the UK.

Good to see that Hilton has finally seen the error of his ways.


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