South Korea’s schools have only now reopened, despite the country having recorded less than 300 coronavirus deaths

Thousands of South Korea’s schools have only just reopened, despite the country’s relatively low coronavirus death toll.

The Evening Standard reports that high schools will open their doors today, with strict protocols like wearing face masks and wiping down desks after use. Starting today, schools will reopen in stages between 20th May and 1st June for all elementary, middle and high school students.


South Korea has been widely praised for its handling of coronavirus. The country imposed a quick, comprehensive testing and contact tracing programme, and has limited deaths from the disease to less than 300.

This is in stark contrast to the UK, where at least 35,000 people have died, and contact tracing is virtually non-existent.

Despite this, the UK government is lobbying for schools to open in early June – just a few weeks after South Korea.

The government has bungled nearly every aspect of our response to coronavirus. And it looks like it’s happening again.