Son of NHS worker who died from coronavirus demands government apology

The son of a doctor who died from coronavirus after warning Boris Johnson about a lack of protective equipment, has demanded a public apology from the government.

Earlier this month, consultant urologist Abdul Mabud Chowdhury died at Queen’s Hospital in Romford, east London, after contracting coronavirus.


Five days after being admitted to hospital for COVID-19, Chowdhury had appealed to the government for “appropriate PPE and remedies” to “protect ourselves and our families”.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, Abdul’s son Intisar called on the Tories to own up to their mistakes.

Discussing the £60,000 payment that bereaved families of NHS staff will receive, he said: “If I’m being honest, rather than 60k for my family I would rather the efforts go into giving more PPE for NHS staff.

“The money itself doesn’t really cover up the fact the government hasn’t made a public apology yet. They have a press conference every single day where they have the opportunity to own up to their mistakes.

“We want them to be able to accept their mistakes”.

Chowdhury added that the government’s response to the virus generally hasn’t been the best.

“I think we can forgive that as a country because it’s such an unprecedented thing. But they do need to… make an apology,” he said.

This seems the very least the government should do.



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