Snowflake Farage complains about EU confiscating his mini Union Jack

Nigel Farage has once again proven his status as Britain’s biggest whinger – complaining about the EU confiscating his mini Union Jack.

Indeed, for years Farage and his colleagues have displayed small Union Jacks on their desks in the European Parliament chamber.


However, yesterday, Parliament staff decided to remove these symbols from the desks of Brexit Party MEPs.

“We have just had our Union Jack flags removed from our desks in the European Parliament, by order of the President,” Farage tweeted. “Thank god we are leaving.”

All things considered, it looks like Farage is getting worked up about absolutely nothing.

The reason the flags were removed is entirely unclear. Farage claims that “national symbols are now banned,” but the Parliament could just have decided to remove the flags because it’s the last time the party will sit in the chamber before we leave the EU on 31st January.

As EU Flag Mafia said on Twitter, in response to Farage: “isn’t that because we’re leaving you pathetic glazed ham?”

Meanwhile, others have pointed out that Farage should perhaps be paying more attention to the costs of Brexit, rather than the treatment of his nationalist tack.

“Could be worse… I’m losing the freedom to live and work in 27 other countries at the end of month,” someone else tweeted at Farage.

Nigel Farage is a snowflake. Pass it on.

16 responses to “Snowflake Farage complains about EU confiscating his mini Union Jack

    1. Well said Dave Beer, it’s hard to believe people still can’t see what the EU is all about I thought that the installation of Ms von der Leyen a known and proud federalist as Commission president by the EU’s unelected elite
      would have been a clue but obviously not.

      1. No one with any power is unelected in the EU system. Ms. von der Leyen was elected by democratically elected members of the EU Parliamnet you knucklehead.

        1. Ms. von der Leyen was elected by MEPs as president – but she had never been elected by the people.
          It’s like the uk parliament electing Dominic Cummings (a civil servant) to the post of prime minister
          no recourse to the general public
          But that is normal for the EU – non of he MEPs have any power – they can not propose new laws or dsmantle old ones – these decisions are all made by the unelected EU commission.

    2. If u wish to sit in the EU parliament you display a flag of the country you represent. That flag does represent nothing, it is not the British flag. Thanks God they are leaving. Wasted salaries… I am sure the divided kingdom will see soon Scotland leave the kingdom and join the EU.

  1. Farage is sullying our national flag! It would be a very good thing to take it away from him. It no longer stands for tolerance or any other decent democratic value because of him. We will in future have to stitch the blue flag with the European stars into a top corner of our own national flag just to reclaim it and ensure people do not think we are all racists in Britain!

    1. Nothing to do with Racists! What could possibly be wrong with having a National Flag visible on a British representatives desk? It works for the UN, so why not the EU?

  2. Just reading the comments, bunch of idiots, Garage and Johnson painted with the same brush, I feel great that I am in the process of taking Spanish Nationality and you are eventually leaving, I was a remainer but now I would rather England and Wales left and hope that Scotland and Ireland can sort something out for the future to return, Johnson does not want another Scottish vote because he knows England will lose all the fishing and oil that is off the coast of Scotland.

    1. My mother is Spanish and hopes that BREXIT will pave the way for the collapse of the EU. All the people in Britain who think the EU is fab because they went to Paris or Madrid once but never saw the REAL EU out in the outskirts, where the money isn’t seen.

  3. Oh dear, and today the whole parliament protested about it, let’s see the headline saying the they are all snowflakes now.

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