Which senior Tory gets the most media coverage?

We all know that vast chunks of the media are sympathetic to the Conservative Party – covering Boris Johnson’s every move like he’s a Biblical figure.

However, aside from the Prime Minister, which senior Tory is talked about most by the chattering classes?


Well, polling company Factiva have run an analysis, to see which Tory has received the most mentions in national newspapers since July 2019, when Boris Johnson assumed office. These are the results:

  1. Dominic Cummings: 3,007
  2. Sajid Javid: 3,002
  3. Michael Gove: 2,541
  4. Dominic Raab: 2,130
  5. Priti Patel: 2,013

That’s right. The Prime Minister’s unelected henchman has received the most coverage in the media since Johnson’s selection.

Cummings, who earns in excess of £95,000 a year, has been blamed for this government’s hostile attitude towards the media, judges and Parliament – leading for calls for him to be sacked (if you agree, sign here).

The former staffer to a Russian airliner also has a way of grabbing media attention by making deliberately ridiculous statements to curious journalists. Earlier this week, for example, he implied that fictional superheroes could do a better job than Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

As far as we’re aware, the above stats also don’t include the number of times Cummings has been quoted anonymously as a “senior Downing Street source“…


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