Senior government figure falsely claims the EU “restricts” our global immigration policy

Business Secretary and ardent Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom has suggested, falsely, that EU membership prevents us from taking advantage of a “global talent pool.”

Speaking on the Today programme this morning, Leadsom claimed that: “outside the EU we won’t be restricted just to immigration from the EU but can take advantage of a global talent pool.”

However, this statement is pretty spurious. As pointed out by Sarah Ludford, the Liberal Democrats’ Brexit spokesperson in the House of Lords, nothing stops us now from taking advantage of a global talent pool: the UK sets its own immigration rules for non-EU nationals.

What’s more, non-EU immigration to the UK has been greater than immigration from the EU for the past decade.

This was one of the great lies of the referendum campaign: that leaving the EU would magically fix all the problems with our immigration system. This idea is as wrong now as it was then.

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