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After reporting last week that the Brexit Party’s conference venue in Doncaster received £1 million in European Union funding, we have discovered that a second venue also benefitted from EU funds.


The EPIC Centre in Lincoln, an events facility attached to the Lincolnshire Showground – to be used by the Brexit Party during its upcoming autumn conference tour, opened in 2008 after receiving support from the European Regional Development Fund.

Although it’s unclear exactly how much money the EPIC Centre received, the European Regional Development Fund was listed as one of the project’s principal funders when it opened.

Nigel Farage is familiar with the modern, EU-funded venue, having made a speech there in May criticising the European Union.

The additional irony is that the EPIC Centre prides itself on its green credentials. When it opened in 2008, it boasted of being “the largest purpose built green event centre in the UK”. Meanwhile, Farage has said that young people are indoctrinated to believe in climate change, and recently mocked Prince Charles for taking the environment seriously.

Rather than hosting a stand-alone party conference, the Brexit Party is touring the country – putting on events in at least 11 areas. Perhaps they’re trying to collect all the UK’s EU-funded conference venues.

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