Scram awards 2019: Boris Johnson wins “bellend of the year” award

Boris Johnson has been voted “bellend of the year” in the 2019 Scram awards.

The Prime Minister has been awarded the honour by our community, receiving 37% of the vote in a brutal contest which saw him competing with other epic bellends including Brexit Party autocrat Nigel Farage and loudmouth commentator Katie Hopkins.


Boris Johnson received the award for a number of reasons, not least for refusing to look at a photo of a child sleeping on a hospital floor, and repeatedly lying to the general public.

Jacob Rees-Mogg was the runner up of the award, receiving 29% of the vote for reclining in the House of Commons and implying Grenfell victims lacked common sense for not fleeing the burning building.

Full result – Bellend of the year award
Boris Johnson – 37%
Jacob Rees-Mogg – 29%
Dominic Cummings – 13%
Nigel Farage – 8%
Katie Hopkins – 5%
Julia Hartley-Brewer – 3%
Other – 3%
Tommy Robinson – 2%


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