“Science fiction”: Brexit Party MEPs vote against declaring climate change emergency

Brexit Party MEPs have voted against a European Parliament motion to declare a global climate emergency, Scram News can reveal.

According to a European Parliament source, Brexit Party MEPs voted against two climate change motions today, one to declare an emergency and another to commit the EU to become carbon neutral by 2050.


The source said that Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox claimed the resolutions were “anti-science”. Meanwhile, our source also said that Robert Rowland, who recently embarrassed himself by questioning Molly Scott-Cato’s credentials, accused the EU of creating an “apocalyptic forecast” and said the whole thing was “science fiction”.

Brian Monteith, Rupert Lowe and John Tennant were among others in the Brexit Party delegation who voted against the climate emergency motion, which was passed with 429 votes for and 225 against. Every Brexit Party MEP in attendance voted against.

Caroline Voaden, leader of the Lib Dem MEPs said:

“It is horrifying the Brexit Party today failed to back climate action. Once again, they have disgraced Britain”.

This compounds the Brexit Party’s awful voting record in European Parliament so far. This week, they abstained on a vote calling for international action against child abuse. Earlier this month they, alongside Tory MEPs, abstained on a resolution condemning a proposed Polish law banning sex education and teaching anti-abortion principles in schools.

Meanwhile, in September, Farage’s MEPs abstained on a resolution calling for Iran to release imprisoned dual EU-Iranian nationals, including jailed Brit Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

And when Farage’s MEPs have used their vote, they have done so oppose self-evidently beneficial policies, such as a resolution calling for action against foreign election meddling and Russian disinformation.

Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies added that being in the EU is a the best way to cope with issues such as the climate emergency. He said: “Brexit means running away from our responsibilities to work with our friends and neighbours to stop climate change.

“Britain should be taking the lead in Europe, fighting for a brighter future, not walking away like cowards.”


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