Sajid Javid epically self-owns over student immigration policy

Chancellor Sajid Javid has scored a spectacular own goal over the government’s new flagship immigration policy.

Yesterday evening, Javid tweeted out his support for the move, that would allow foreign students to stay in the UK for two years after graduating (they’re currently only allowed to stay for four months). He said:

“About time. Should have reversed this silly policy years ago. Britain should always be open to the best talent from across the world.”

Javid (who apparently refers to himself as “The Saj”) seems to have conveniently forgotten that just months ago he was Home Secretary – the person in charge of UK immigration policy.

He can’t claim that he didn’t have the power to reverse this “silly policy” – since he was literally in charge of the department that enforced it.

Two weeks ago, Downing Street enforcer Dominic Cummings unceremoniously fired Sajid Javid’s top media adviser for leaking documents. Given the state of the Chancellor’s tweet yesterday evening, we suggest he needs to look for someone new, and fast.

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