Rory Stewart says he was dumped from the Conservative Party via text message

Senior Conservative Rory Stewart says that the government Chief Whip dumped him from the Tory party yesterday evening via text message.

Speaking on the Today programme this morning, Stewart confirmed that no-one had spoken to him directly to remove him from the party.


He also added that Johnson’s actions felt like a purge. He said: “Remember only a few weeks ago I was running for the leadership of the Conservative Party against Boris Johnson, and I was in the Cabinet.

“It feels like something that one associates with with other countries. One opposes the leader, one loses the leadership race, no longer in the Cabinet, and now apparently thrown out of the party.”

Boris Johnson removed the whip from 21 MPs, including Stewart, after they voted to allow MPs to take control of parliamentary business – designed to stop a no-deal Brexit on 31st October.

This included two former Chancellors, Philip Hammond and Ken Clarke. The latter had been a Tory MP for 49 years.

The Conservative Party is now in full meltdown mode.

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