Rod Liddle tried to celebrate the collapsing pound and got the full social media treatment

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Rod Liddle’s new Spectator column was taken apart in glorious fashion on social media today.

Liddle, right-wing gob for hire, has written his column about how we should all celebrate the collapsing pound (caused by Boris Johnson’s no-deal Brexit threats) because it means we can holiday in good old Blighty.

However, when his editor Fraser Nelson advertised the piece, Twitter collectively reacted with a hard eye-roll.

The article was only available to Spectator subscribers, but the lucky few took screenshots to show the contents of the piece, which is littered with Liddle’s trademark racism.

The sooner Liddle is catapulted off Britain’s newsstands, the better.

One response to “Rod Liddle tried to celebrate the collapsing pound and got the full social media treatment

  1. I genuinely thought Liddle was describing himself when he described the men in Morocco. ‘Greedy, groping, smirking sexist scumbags’. The man has so little self awareness. Unbelievable really. Get rid of him. Make the idiot do a proper job, instead of trying to pollute our consciousness with his bile and being paid handsomely for doing so.

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