Right-wing writer slammed for “dangerous, irresponsible” coronavirus article

Self-isolation has affected some people a lot more than others. But it doesn’t seem to have affected anyone more so than Laura Perrins – editor of the Conservative Woman”.

Perrins has generated a fierce online backlash, after her quarantined ramblings turned a bit sinister.


In her mind, Perrins has escalated the “social distancing” measures imposed by governments across the globe – designed to control the spread of coronavirus – to near 1984-levels.

Believing this is the start of an organised tyranny against the freedom to have a drink at the pub, Perrins wrote an article today saying she would “rather die as a freeborn citizen doing the things that freeborn citizens do, than cower like a dog in a kennel because the government has ordered me to do so.”

Essentially: people should rebel against the government and refuse to avoid social contact.

But Perrins’ deluded exaggerations have not escaped the attention of internet users, who have been providing an *alternative* point of view.

Someone should perhaps point out to Perrins that someone’s freedoms are pretty severely restricted when they’re dead due to a deadly pandemic, because an ideologically blinded “journalist” decide to break a curfew.


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