Greta Thunberg

Right-wing mob says Greta Thunberg has been “exploited”

In response to Greta Thunberg’s rousing speech at the UN yesterday, right-wing snowflakes have claimed that the climate activist is the subject of “child exploitation”.

Unable to counter Thunberg’s arguments with facts and logic, these individuals have tried to smear Thunberg by suggesting she’s being manipulated by adults.


Thunberg made an impassioned speech at the UN yesterday, saying that her generation would “never forgive” politicians if they don’t act urgently to deal with the climate crisis.

Watching Thunberg’s speech, it’s absolutely clear that she believes in her convictions. She is not a puppet, yet right-wing commentators see her as a threat, and so are determined to bully the 16 year-old climate activist.

Greta Thunberg is an inspiration to millions of young people across the world, and long may that continue.

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