All the worst right-wing hysteria about the climate strike

Today, millions of protesters have peacefully taken to streets around the world to protest against climate change, lobbying governments to take meaningful action.

However, their attempt to do good in the world has not been met with support from everyone. Numerous UK-based right-wing commentators have decided to pour cold water over the historic moment to spread hysteria about children missing one (!) day of school.


Speaking on talkRADIO, Chris McGovern, chairman of the pressure group Campaign for Real Education, said that children need to take responsibility for the climate change crisis by not ever eating burgers, and implied that students only strike to get out of maths lessons. 

He said:

“The world seems to have gone mad”.

Warming to his dramatic rhetoric, he criticised schools for allowing children to take part in the strike, saying:

“It’s outrageous that schools are becoming so politicised. These youngsters are child soldiers.”

Yep – child soldiers.

Meanwhile, Guido Fawkes’ resident gob Tom Harwood called Extinction Rebellion an “extremist organisation” that “puts lives at risk”. He put forward a conspiracy that they are attempting to end liberal democracy by using climate change as a cover and suggested that the police should prosecute them.

Right-wing bore Brendan O’Neill also decided to spout his views on the matter. Speaking to Sky News, he said that the movement has become a “religious cult” led by Greta Thunberg.

Leader of UKIP Richard Braine also piped up, and said that all of the strikers are communists.

Somehow, we don’t think it is the climate change protesters who are the snowflakes here.

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