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Right-wing group’s libellous video about Jeremy Corbyn removed from social media. Sort of.

A libellous video about Jeremy Corbyn, published by a right-wing group, has been removed from social media after people called for the Labour leader to launch a lawsuit.

Earlier this week, we reported that Turning Point UK – a well-financed, pro-Trump student group – had published a video about Jeremy Corbyn and Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey.


The video includes various lies about Corbyn, including that he “supports ISIS” and “covered up a pedophile ring.”

In response, people have been calling for Corbyn to sue the student group, with one former Labour parliamentary candidate saying he should “sue them for every penny they have.”

And so, the video has now been removed from Twitter and Facebook – either by the social media companies or by the group itself (possibly fearing legal action).

That said, however, the video hasn’t been removed from the internet entirely. Indeed, an adapted version published on Wednesday is still racking up views on Turning Point’s Facebook page – recently surpassing 60,000.

As we pointed out in our article earlier this week, the group has spent thousands of pounds advertising the video on Facebook to millions of people, and it appears as though they launched a fresh advert just two days ago, despite the controversy it has caused.

The new, adapted video removes the claim that Corbyn is an ISIS supporter, and now says he “allegedly” covered up a pedophile ring. In addition, whereas the video previously said Corbyn entirely failed to condemn the London Bridge stabber, the new video merely claims he was “gutlessly weak” in condemning the terrorist.

For our money, repeating the claim that Corbyn covered up a pedophile ring (at the very least) could still be libellous. We need to put pressure on Facebook to act by reporting the video to the company’s moderators.

Access the video here, click on the settings icon, hit “Find support or report video”:

And then report the video for “false news”:

Fake news is polluting politics and warping elections. We need to stamp it out whenever we can.


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