Brexiteer attempt to troll James O’Brien spectacularly backfires

Remainers of Twitter are fighting back against trolls targeting journalist James O’Brien. An army of super imaginative Brexiteers have started a trending hashtag “#Jamesobrienisawankerday” on his birthday.

And so, posting on the social media platform, Remainers have co-opted the hashtag and have used it to defend O’Brien’s achievements.


A parody Boris Johnson account said:

While another account added:

BBC Science presenter James Wong said:

And O’Brien himself tweeted:

Once again, Brexiteers have managed to spectacularly shoot themselves in the foot.

33 responses to “Brexiteer attempt to troll James O’Brien spectacularly backfires

  1. Happy Birthday James O’Brien so good you rattled the cages of those dumb ass Brexiteers.
    Well done keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Happy Birthday James O Brien.
    Love your skill in rattling brexiteers, who can never, with reality, answer any of your questions. Perhaps you can now ‘get Brexit cancelled.’

  3. Just shows how incredibly childish these leave THE EU campaigners are. So glad it back fired on them. Happy birthday and keep up the good work James.

  4. Love you James. All the brain washed morons who think their lives will be better after Brexit with old Etonians in charge, are in for an almighty shock. They may even apologise to you one day!
    I’m leaving the dirty little racist hell hole that the UK has become and thank the lord that I can!
    Keep celebrating world war 2 and telling yourselves how wonderful England is (sic). Over and Out.

  5. You still can’t get over it can you.
    Why don’t you all just fuck off and go live in Brussels you democracy hating tossers.

    1. Democracy-hating? Remember, Philip Ormrod, nearly 3 million new voters – who will live with the consequences longer than anybody – never had a say.

    2. I don’t hate democracy; I love it. Why? Because living in a democracy means I have freedom of thought and speech. This means I don’t have to bend to the ‘will of the people’, but can continue to plough my own furrow. That is the way democracies work, and if you don’t like it then you can go live somewhere less tolerant; however I suspect you won’t like it.

    3. The last time we were all told to piss off like that I believe it was said by a nasty little man and we all ended with…..Zeig Heil….so crawl back under your rock Mr Ormrod where you belong and remember I still have a right to free speech under an Act of Parliament……..Seig Heil!!!

  6. I live in Cheshire ellesmere port Town. I have become a massive fan of JAMES (OB)–(E) In my humble opinion “”the best radio station and broadcaster .
    Thank you James.
    Kindest Regards.
    Joseph Alan parry

  7. So I too am a democracy hating tosser? Why then do I dislike constitutional change when it is not the unsettled will of the people of our little island? Is it too much to aspire to a requirement that a landslide victory in a general election requires more than 50 % of the popular vote? Brexiteers are power grabbers and not true democrats

  8. Happy birthday James listening from Tipperary here in Ireland a bit up the road from Shelagh family any way I really enjoy your programme when I’m walking although some times I have to use catch up on LBC app . Enjoy your birthday and many more I believe your programme helps people from the British and Irish isles because really we are very alike in many ways well in the ways anyway. Best of Irish to you and your family James

  9. Well let’s see what happens when you don’t get a wage rise next time, let’s see best happens when the NHS is finally sold off and you have to pay for your health services, let’s see when your summer holidays go up by half again, if it was was up to me I’d put, “I’m a Brexiteer “, on all your passports, one queue for you and another for remainers, my god what a set of complete morons hahahahahaha.

    1. Keith Milbutn. – You will probably find thay most of the near 1 million recently applied for Irish passports are 2 faced brexiteers.

      All will be sailing thru the gates on their dead grandparents surname that they never bothered to visit when they were alive.

  10. Happy birthday and keep up the good fight James. I have your program on every morning…it plays hell with the housework, but well worth it. You are the best.

  11. What an arsehole ..were out end off get the fuck over it and move on ..what will change fuck all ..holidays up that due to greedy airlines fuck all to do with leaving the eu ..obrian your a dick ..when we leave the eu you will be out of a job ..love to meet you in the street and talk like you do on your show ..one thing you would be doing is picking your fucking teeth up ..so roll on leaving so you shut the fuck up

    1. No Chris. Pre-ref we were €1.43 will be back down to €1.04 after we leave.

      You’ve been conned. All by the “patriots” that have spent the last 3 years winding you up then betting on the £ shorting.

      The Midlands,North&Wales will get what they finally deserve – Fuck all!

  12. What a great guy who appeared to single handededly oppose dumb Brexiteers who do not understand exactly how their future lives will pan out. Wait until you don’t gave a E111 to fall back on when you become ill on holiday abroad and have to apply for a European driving licence when you drive in Europe. This is only 2 of the abundant things that will change as a result of our leaving the beloved EU ! 😁

  13. Oh dear me, that Chris Matthews – what a lovely guy!!!
    Sounds like the knuckle dragging, pond life, thick, moronic Sun reading brexiter that has helped get this country into the mess it is in now. Can’t wait to change my nationality. He makes me ashamed to be English!!

  14. PS Please don’t call the morons who voted to leave the EU “Brexiteers”, as it makes them sound like some kind of swashbuckling patriotic heroes!!
    Gammon or Moron is so much more appropriate.

  15. The poor manipulated foolish saps are so moronic they have no idea that they’ve been well and truly shafted, by a bunch of piratical, chaos, venture capitalists. Unfortunately, I don’t think many will have the wit to recognise when they are inevitably shafted, because it will all be blame on the EU, for own choices.

  16. Great show James very constructive and very informative, unlike the information brexiteers have, poor chap who paid his deposit for new Merc got a shock when the receipt had a Brexit stamp on it.
    Rock on james

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