Remainer James O’Brien brilliantly dismantles benefits of Brexit

Anti-Brexit broadcaster James O’Brien has brilliantly summed up how ridiculous the whole notion of Brexit is.

Speaking on LBC this morning, he tore into Brexit and exposed how none of the promises of Brexit have actually happened.


He said:

“What did you order when you voted for Brexit? You ordered £350 million a week for the NHS. You ordered a long long list of trade deals that would be demonstrably superior to the ones that we already have. You ordered the German car industy ensuring that we would be able to keep all the benefits of European Union membership but none of the reponsibilities.

“You probably ordered a couple of unicorns and a shiny blue passport, something about fish that you never really understood.

“And the European Union was going to collapse as a direct result of the Brexit vote by what you called at the time a domino effect.”

Turning to the outcome of Brexit, he added:

“You got a border in the Irish sea and a crowdfunder for some bongs that probably can’t happen because the clock’s not ready.”

As usual, James O’Brien has hit the nail on the head.

19 responses to “Remainer James O’Brien brilliantly dismantles benefits of Brexit

  1. O’Brien’s a prick just like his followers their all so fuck’in stupid they haven’t realised we’ve not left the fuck’in EU yet.

  2. Why do so many brexiters get angry and feel the need to write expletives every other word? By all means make your point but there is no necessity for a personal attack on James O,brien, especially when all that he is doing is giving you the facts. Like them or loath them they are not disputable. Yes I know you won, get over it and start looking for a new job, I believe there are 50,000 nhs vacancies available and rising. The government are going to build 50 new hospitals. Hmmm where can we get some new staff?

  3. they don’t like the truth keep it up James your going to be busy in the future we need you to show the leaver scum just how much they have been lied to though they will never admit to it see them at the foodbanks

  4. Remain lost, we know that. Though it’s more amusing that a lot of Beexit supporters still can’t seem to accept the facts, as much as remainers still don’t want Brexit to happen.

    Descends right into chaos when Brexit supporters are proven wrong. These comments pretty much reflect exactly that.

  5. The EU brought this on when started free movement, I don’t believe that most of western Europe benefitted from it. When they state facts they only use the economy.

  6. Mr O’Brian has only ever had to challenge the catalogue of lies and deceptions perpetrated by the Leave camp. Frankly one could barely make up the level of Bullshit that they have repeatedly foisted off on the British public (rivalled only by religious texts). But it is easier to stick your head in the sand than examine and apply critical thinking to the the whole stinking mess that Brexit represents. As James said early on in the debacle; Remainers want to be wrong about the economic chaos, the constitutional chaos and the travelling chaos this is going to cause, but the sad truth is we are Already seeing that we were right. The camps are however so polarised that the leavers will never admit they’re wrong even as their children’s prospects for a better future are flushed down the toilet of narcissistic and wilful faith in an Empire long past its sell by date. Personally I despair at the direction this country is heading and as our security is compromised by the uncaring US, we will stand alone like some aged, nostalgic insular and isolated old man wondering how the World passed us by. But at least there is a silver lining; all the wealthy Nazi supporting upper classes and gentry will have a bumper decade of betting against this country and keeping their illicit financial dealings secret for the foreseeable future! The leavers will no doubt get all narky and leave all sorts of nasty remarks about this post, but that is no different from any other day. It is the same mindset as the religious fanatics who think it is all right to kill anyone who doesn’t beleave in their special books about the invisible magic man in the sky. Pity they haven’t grown up yet!

  7. The problem as I see it is that the brexiteers have some valid truth on there side. Big business reaped the Benefits of free movement by employing lower cost skilled people from Europe. So we saw a ready supply of NHS workers from EU (why bother with nurses nurseries). We saw the construction industry swamped with eastern European workers (immigrants in every country always work harder that locals because they have no security of family and friends to help them out of it goes wrong), so why bother training home born youngsters. Big business made bigger profit but who was paying the price? The younger indigenous generation who would normally be expecting to fill these roles. The government covered their eyes because profits for the economy kept growing so on paper all seemed will. In reality we were raising a whole generation of kids that has been displaced by eastern Europeans and had no work opportunities. I have a small building company and watched this happen and even employed East European workers. About 5 years ago I saw the damage that this was doing to society and decided that every year I would take on a British youngster put them through college and teach them a trade. It has been successful. When they become able they move on and become a valuable resource for the country. The point is this was the government’s duty not mine. They took care of big business and profits and not the population. So if you need to point the finger Tony Blair, Gorden Brown, David Cameron. Particularly David Cameron should have changed this when he went to the EU to get a different deal. I am a remainder and blame everything on our government listening to big business and not the people.

  8. Come on Brexiters, dismantle Mr. O’Brien’s stupid claims with your clearly argued explanation of all the benefits that will accrue to us after leaving the EU and point out where he’s wrong. That’ll show him.

  9. Why do remainers never talk about the dark side of the EU . They scream for FoM , but fail to mention the razor wire fences across the Balkans . The repeat till they are blue in the face about human rights but never mention the inhumane treatment given to asylum seekers across Europe . Moria concentration camp in Lesvos was built to house 2,000 people . There are currently 18,000 , hundreds of unaccompanied minors living in hell. No heating , yes Greece gets cold and windy , most live in improvised tenting . Little or no sanitation in most of the camp , poor medical services , insufficient food and water. In short , its illegal under EU law to treat cattle like this . It has been five years .

  10. No matter all the twaddle about bringing the country together it was dumb racists who voted for Brexit and that’s half of the country. England is crap. Get out while you can

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