“Redacted” Russia report “months away” from being published

It looks like Boris Johnson has once again misled the public about the release of the infamous Russia report.

BBC Newsnight’s diplomatic editor, Mark Urban, has reported that the controversial report is still months away from being released. Tweeting yesterday, Urban said: “I’m told it’s likely some time between April and June.”


Only the Intelligence and Security Committee can publish the document and, thanks to the recent general election, this committee needs to be re-elected.

This timeframe is at odds with the Prime Minister’s promise earlier this week that the document would be published “within weeks”.

Urban also claims that Number 10 has made “extensive” redactions to the document (i.e. hiding certain sensitive paragraphs). Intelligence agencies have similarly made redactions to the document, so it’s highly unlikely we will know which sections Downing Street chose to hide.

The report examines whether Russia tried to influence the outcome of the 2016 EU referendum and the 2017 general election.

Sources have alleged to Urban that the final report contains “no astounding revelations on election interference or Tory cash,” though with so many redactions it seems certain that we will never know for sure.


8 responses to ““Redacted” Russia report “months away” from being published

  1. I suppose it’s just possible that the DUP cake stall in South Antrim did raise a couple of million for Vote Leave. Not sure how this would explain the sums given to the Tories though.

  2. Why don’t the whole Cabinet save themselves the trouble and just register as Foreign Agents?
    Then they can go back to being asleep at the wheel.

  3. Somewhere the Dirt
    6 November 2019
    Inspired by: Somewhere My Love (popularised in the film “Dr Zhivago”)
    The report on Russian interference in the 2016 referendum was not published because the Prime Minister refused to sign it off even after all security clearance had been complete:

    Somewhere the dirt, is resting in this thing,
    Although the hurt, will not be seen till Spring.
    Somewhere the bill, glistens with stolen gold,
    And there are dreams, nightmares we won’t be told.
    Some way, they flashed their roubles too,
    Some day, whenever Putin breaks through.
    We’ll see report, after election’s won.
    MPs denied, until the deed is done.
    Till then, oh Gove, keep up the plot to Leave,
    With a No Deal, but don’t tell MP Grieve.

  4. What is the Government trying to hide by not releasing the Russia report? This must be made available to the public in full immediately. We do not expect our government to behave like those of China, Russia or Iran, we expect and demand that they behave with honesty and openness

  5. I think a couple of people have the name wrong, but I believe they are referring to Dominic Grieve, the ex-Tory MP who stood up for law and decency and ended up paying with his career in politics! Grieve is indeed a man of principles and integrity; little wonder he was alienated from the party he’d loved and served for so many years. It is true he knows the full and original contents of the Russian Report, after all, he wrote it! For far too long, this absolute model of British justice refused to release the Report because he believed it wasn’t the ‘right thing to do’. Far be it from me to criticise this fine gentleman BUT, I very much doubt that would be his view in retrospect. You can only be 100% decent up to a point. When all around you is imploding with lies, fraud, and deceit, it no longer remains possible to hold onto that which you protected for the sake of righteousness and honour. Dominic Grieve will not remain silent IF the Report has been tampered with in any way. He has nothing left to lose and he would not be acting unlawfully in such a case.

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