All the reasons Dominic Raab shouldn’t be re-elected

Recent polling shows that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab could lose his seat if anti-Brexit constituents in Esher and Walton vote tactically for the Liberal Democrat candidate Monica Harding.

Tactical voting understandably doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. It’s frustrating that we have a messed up electoral system which means not all votes are equal. But in this election it’s vital to put party politics to one side to stop awful candidates like Raab from getting re-elected.


In case you need further persuasion, here’s a list of the reasons why Raab shouldn’t be allowed back in the House of Commons.

Disdain for democracy

When the Tory party decided to go full ‘1984’ by changing the name of the Conservative Campaign HQ Twitter account to “factcheckUK”, Raab was one of the first cabinet members to jump to the party’s defence. He claimed that people “don’t give a toss about the cut and thrust of social media”.

We guess this flagrant disregard for rules and standards isn’t too surprising from someone who publicly stated they were willing to shut down Parliament to force through Brexit.

His embarrassing and terrifying lack of Brexit knowledge

There’s no shortage of hardcore Brexiteers with a remarkable lack of understanding of what Brexit means for the country, but Dominic Raab is certainly near the top of the list.

The Foreign Secretary was shredded by Canadians after writing an article for a national newspaper trying to sell the benefits of Brexit. He was summarily dismissed as “foolish” and “deluded”.

Raab also lauded Boris Johnson for getting a “cracking” Brexit deal for Northern Ireland because it means the country will keep “frictionless access to the single market and customs union”. This despite the fact Brexit will mean the rest of the UK will lose this frictionless access.

Plus let’s not forget this is the man who resigned as Brexit Secretary after Theresa May’s cabinet approved the EU withdrawal agreement which he helped to negotiate.

But the icing on Raab’s shit-Brexit knowledge cake had to be when he admitted he “hadn’t quite understood” how reliant the country is on the Dover-Calais crossing. Truly iconic ignorance.

Treatment of Harry Dunn’s family

19 year-old Harry Dunn tragically died after a crash in Northamptonshire in August. This was followed by the suspect in the case leaving the UK, claiming diplomatic immunity in the United States, causing widespread outrage.

Despite saying that he wanted to give the Dunn family the “solace of justice”, Raab has since been heavily criticised for his handling of the situation. Dunn’s parents said they were disgusted with Raab after he defended the government’s decision to seek legal costs from them.

As a result, relatives of Harry Dunn are urging voters to unseat Raab. Friends of the family were kept outside a recent hustings event attended by Raab, due to purported concerns about overcrowding. Raab was booed as he left.

He’s doing a crap job representing his constituency

Despite Raab being an ardent Brexiteer, 58% of his constituents voted for Remain in the 2016 referendum. Not surprisingly, Raab was recently heckled in an excruciating hustings when he tried to sell the audience on the Tory promise to “get Brexit done”.

Even the former Tory MP for his constituency, Ian Taylor, has encouraged voters to reject Raab and instead plump for the Liberal Democrat candidate, Monica Harding.

He said demands for health and social care funding were “childish”

After a disabled woman told him that tens of thousands of people are dying from cuts to health and social care as part of a televised discussion during the 2017 general election campaign, Dominic Raab dismissively replied that spending more money in these areas was “just a childish wishlist”. What a tool.

His atrocious beliefs about feminism, foodbanks (and everything else really)

Raab has voted against the right for EU nationals to remain in the UK, and against measures to deal with climate change. He suggested that people who use food banks do so because of “cash flow problems,” not because of poverty. He’s branded feminists “obnoxious bigots”. He’s also called British workers “the worst idlers in the world”. A class act ladies and gentlemen.

Bonus reason: it would piss off Boris Johnson

Aren’t you dying to see the look on Boris Johnson’s face if one of his senior cabinet members and allies loses his seat? We know we are.

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