People react to news that John Humphrys has joined the Daily Mail

In news that’s about as surprising as Dominic Cummings running around Downing Street with his trousers down, former Radio 4 presenter John Humphrys has joined the Daily Mail.

The 76 year-old journalist will write a weekly column for the newspaper, that is known for its hard-right, anti-immigrant stance.


During his 32 year stint as a presenter on the Today programme, Humphrys was regularly accused of displaying a right-wing bias. His new appointment at the Mail has merely confirmed these suspicions.

Polly Toynbee of the Guardian tweeted in response: “Why am I not surprised John Humphrys is joining the Mail? […] expect his attacks on the BBC to get fiercer, just when the BBC most needs defending from Johnson/Cummings assault.”

Another person was even more candid, tweeting about the news that it, “Really does vindicate the many of us that called him out for his right wing bullshit. Impartial my arse.”

Someone else, sarcastically, said: “Oh great, absolutely cannot wait to see what the unvarnished John Humphrys is like.”



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