“Celebrating your own stupidity”: Disbelief to news that Boris wants to hold a “festival of Brexit”

People are reacting with disbelief to the news that Boris Johnson wants to hold a “festival of Brexit”.

The Guardian reported this morning that Johnson was pressing ahead with the government’s plan to hold the pro-Brexit festival in 2022, despite everyone agreeing it’s a f*cking stupid idea.


One person summarised the online reaction to Johnson’s decision, tweeting: “Imagine doing something monumentally stupid and then celebrating your own stupidity.”

Another said: “It’s like the Olympics except everyone loses.”

And Guardian journalist Chris Moran took a moment to visualise what exactly the festival will look like, saying: “I’m imagining one of those perennial pop-up Christmas Wonderland theme parks in a muddy field with one drunk elf but at a national scale and much, much worse.”

The festival, if it goes ahead, will reportedly cost £120 million. Perhaps this would be money better spent on the NHS?

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