Arron Banks

Pro-Brexit campaign revives “Enemies of the People” smear against judges

The pro-Brexit campaign led by Nigel Farage and Arron Banks (pictured) during the EU referendum has revived its “Enemies of the People” slur, this time against Scottish judges who today ruled that the suspension of Parliament is unlawful.

Responding to the ruling, Leave.EU uploaded a graphic on social media featuring the three high court judges, above the infamous “Enemies of the People” slogan.


This invective was first used by the Daily Mail on 4th November 2016, after judges ruled that the government would need the consent of Parliament to revoke Article 50 and leave the European Union.

The headline was widely condemned for inciting hate against the judges, and has come to represent the outright dangerous language that some Brexiteers are willing to deploy.

But all this negative press hasn’t put off Leave.EU from using the slogan again.

As for their supposed crimes, the judges in question ruled that it was unlawful for Boris Johnson to prorogue Parliament for five weeks, and claimed the PM is trying to “stymie” Parliament. Their decision will be reviewed by the Supreme Court next week.

Senior Number 10 sources have also been fuelling this hysteria around Brexit “traitors”, with some suggesting that the judges were politically motivated.

It’s telling that Brexiteers claim to stand up for democracy, but are appalled when a judge does his or her job.

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