About our organisation

Scram Media Limited (Scram Media) is a company registered in England and Wales (number 11736030). The primary activity of Scram Media is the publication of online news and campaigns, including the Scram News website. Our ICO Data Protection Register reference number is ZA519389.

How to contact us

Privacy and data protection queries should be directed via email to team@scramnews.com.

How we process your information

The purposes for which Scram Media may process personal information are listed below. In nearly all cases, we will secure your consent before processing your personal information for a given purpose. This is called the ‘lawful basis’ for the processing.

Information storage and access: Scram Media and partners may store and access information, including information already stored on your device, such as cookies, tokens, web storage, advertising identifiers, unique device identifiers and similar technologies. Such processing may occur on scramnews.com, other Scram Media websites and electronic properties, including device native apps. Such processing and technologies may underpin and/or enable other purposes listed on this page.

Measurement: Scram Media may collect information about your use of our services, and in combination with previously collected information, measure and report on your use of our services. This does not include collection and processing of personal data for other purposes listed on this page.

Social media functionality: Scram Media and partners may enable social media functionality, such as social sharing buttons, text and multimedia content embeds, comment functionality, login and authentication services on Scram Media electronic properties. This may involve the collection and processing of your personal information by our partners for personalised advertising and the operation of their services. Typically, companies such as Youtube, Facebook, Google and Twitter may capture information about your use of our services where such services have been enabled or embedded on a web page or other electronic property. This does not include collection and processing of personal data for other purposes listed on this page.

Personalise advertising: Scram Media and partners may collect information, and in combination with previously collected information, display personalised advertisements for you and to measure the effectiveness of such advertising. This includes using previously collected information about your engagement with advertising and purchases. This does not include collection and processing of personal data for other purposes listed on this page.

Content and experience personalisation: Scram Media may collect and process information about you and your engagement with our services, including personal details you may provide us, information entered into web forms, website browsing behaviour, purchases, memberships and donations. We may use this information to personalise any and all aspects of the services we provide you, whether electronic or non-electronic, including web content, pre-populating web forms, email communications, marketing and tracking your activity across our websites and other electronic properties. This does not include collection and processing of personal data for other purposes listed on this page.

Direct communications: Scram Media may contact you using information you provide us. Our communicated content types typically include campaign information, news content, fundraising appeals, membership offers and event promotion. Channels for communication may include email, mobile device notifications, messenger services, social media messaging and interactions, SMS and postal mail. In nearly all cases, we will secure explicit consent before contacting you with a particular content type via a particular channel. The exception to this would be communications related to one-off user initiated actions where the communication is necessary to complete the action and/or protect your legitimate interest, or regarding legal issues, such as changes to terms and conditions.

Data augmentation: Scram Media may augment the personal information you provide us with further data obtained from other sources, including publicly available information and data acquired from vendors of demographic and marketing information. This personal information may include socioeconomic data, demographic data and financial information. Scram media may use this personal information, in combination with information you have already provided us, for the following purposes: segmentation and automated decision making; data matching, where we acquire supplementary and/or up-to-date personal information from third parties matching personal identifiers you have already provided us; and donor profiling, where we use your personal information to assess your propensity to make donations, or otherwise support our work financially. This does not include collection and processing of personal data for other purposes listed on this page.

About our partners

Scram Media works with other organisations in order to deliver our services. Typically, when accessing one of our websites or services, your personal information may be shared with third party partner organisations whose technology underpins the operation of that website or service. In order to understand our community better, we may also work with partners who provide us additional personal data not shared with us directly. Such partners fall into the following categories:

Some of our partners may be based in or operate facilities outside of the UK, or outside the European Union. This may mean your personal data is transferred to such countries.

Consent to processing as a precondition of service

While we strive to provide users with granular privacy controls, some limited processing of personal data is a requirement to access our services. Preconditioned consents are detailed below.

Where users wish to access our services without such limited processing, we encourage them to make use of the extensive client-side privacy tools and plugins are available at no cost online. The use of such tools may break or or alter the functionality of our services in unexpected ways.

Information storage and access: The use of technologies such as cookies is now so fundamental to the operation of the modern web that it is not feasible, either from a technical or resource standpoint, to offer a version of our service which does not use such technologies. Please note that this consent is distinguished from some others (such as personalised advertising) which may rely on information storage and access, but for which users are provided consent controls.

Social media functionality: Scram Media produces content which is rich with video, audio and other media (such as Twitter and Facebook posts) delivered by third party providers through ’embedding’. When such embedded content is loaded, a direct connection is established between the user’s computer and the third party provider, potentially enabling the processing of personal data. It is not feasible for us to offer a second version of our content which does not include such embedding and other social media functionality. Consent to such processing that may be conducted by the third party is therefore required as a precondition of accessing our service. Users may exercise control over this processing either through the use of privacy tools mentioned above, or by using the privacy controls offered by these third party providers.