Priti Patel

Priti Patel flounders in front of MPs, can’t say how many people coming into UK have coronavirus

Home Secretary Priti Patel doesn’t know how many people coming into the UK have coronavirus.

Speaking to the Home Affairs Committee, chaired by Yvette Cooper, Patel floundered when asked how many people coming into the country have the virus, and seemed to blame scientific advisory committee SAGE for not recording the data.


She said:

“We don’t have that data.

“Our overall approach to international travel and checks at the borders have consistently been informed by SAGE.”

She added that SAGE has said testing international visitors would have a “negligible” impact, as few people are entering the UK. The Home Secretary said:

“Their advice has been not to bring in any changes in terms of testing and things of that nature and we’re following that advice.”

Cooper questioned why this is the case, given the global scale of the pandemic.

Patel then pulled the figure “0.5%”, but when questioned what 0.5% was a percentage of, she conceded she needed to get further information.

“I’m very happy to get that figure for the committee,” she said.

What a shambles.



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