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Priti Patel’s immigration policy could require retired and sick to work in low-paid jobs

Home Secretary Priti Patel has released the government’s post-Brexit immigration policy this morning, and it’s as bad as you think.

The policy proposes that “low-skilled” workers would be barred from working in the UK.


She claims these workers will be replaced with British people who are currently “economically inactive”. On a round of media interviews this morning, Patel said there are 8 million economically inactive people in the UK, who could be retrained to do low-skilled jobs.

The problem is, a large number of these people are either retired, sick, or are students.

A House of Commons report a few years ago showed that, out of the 8 million that Patel refers to, 2 million are long-term sick, 2 million are students, and over a million are retired.

Another 2 million+ people (typically women) have made a choice to look after their family/home. And it doesn’t sound like affordable childcare is on the Tory agenda anytime soon.

In fact, there are actually a very small number of “discouraged workers” who we could call on to fill immigrant jobs. Of course, students do work, but how many have you known to dabble at carpentry in their spare time?

Source: House of Commons library

Ever since the appointment of Jacob Rees-Mogg into Boris Johnson’s Cabinet, we thought this government was a bit Victorian. We didn’t think this would actually involve forcing the old and infirm to go back to work, though.



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