Jaw-dropping moment as Priti Patel says government can’t be blamed for poverty

Home Secretary and chief government smirker Priti Patel has stunned social media, after claiming that “you can’t blame the government for poverty.”

A BBC North West journalist yesterday pointed out to Patel that four in 10 children in Barrow are born into poverty.


Patel began by saying that the problem was a local one, not just a Westminster one, to which the reporter responded, “it’s the government, and you’ve been in power for 10 years.”

However, instead of acknowledging the culpability of the government and promising to improve the lives of impoverished children in the North, the Home Secretary washed her hands of the issue.

Patel turned up her sarcastic arrogance a notch or ten and said, “Well it’s not just the government, is it?”

Pressing Patel again, the reporter asked, “so the government’s not responsible for poverty?”

“Well, it’s not,” Patel retorted.

To be clear: public service cuts implemented by the Conservatives have directly correlated with rising poverty indicators in the UK. The Trussell Trust, the largest food bank network in the UK, handed out around 41,000 food bank packs in 2009/10, when the Tories entered office. In 2016/17, that figure stood at 1.2 million.

Meanwhile, the Tories can’t even get their facts straight – yesterday falsely debunking an accurate claim from Labour about food bank usage.

The sooner these muppets are kicked out of office the better. Join our campaign to make it happen.


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