Pressure on government to extend renter eviction ban after landlords get longer mortgage holiday

The government is under pressure to extend the ban on tenant evictions beyond June, after extending the mortgage holiday for landlords until October.

Currently paused, eviction hearings are currently set to continue from 25th June, meaning tenants unable to pay rent during the coronavirus crisis could be at risk of eviction – while their landlords enjoy an extended mortgage holiday.


Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said that while evictions will restart, judges will be instructing landlords “to reach out to [tenants], discuss their situation, and try to find an affordable repayment plan”.

Meanwhile, the government has formally confirmed that the landlord mortgage holiday will be extended until October – allowing landlords to defer payments for a further three months.

The government is reportedly considering plans to extend the evictions ban beyond June, though no formal announcement has been made.

More than a third of all households in Britain are rented and, due to coronavirus, many of these households are facing financial peril.

Shelter has warned that, if evictions are allowed to restart, thousands of people could lose their homes in the middle of a pandemic.

The government should do the right thing.

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