Pressure mounts on Boris Johnson to resign if Parliament suspension ruling upheld

There are growing calls for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign if today’s ruling on the suspension of Parliament is upheld.

The high court in Scotland today ruled that Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament until mid-October is unlawful – saying “it has the purpose of stymying Parliament”.

The government is appealing this ruling, and the case will be heard by the Supreme Court next Tuesday.

Several influential figures are saying that Boris Johnson’s position will be untenable, if the Supreme Court rules against the government.

Labour MP David Lammy has said that “no one is above the law,” and that both Boris Johnson and his henchman Dominic Cummings should immediately stand down, if they lose on Tuesday. Lammy added that both were guilty of deceiving the Queen (who was asked to approve prorogation), disgracing the office of Prime Minister, and debased “Britain’s international standing as a champion of democracy.”

Dominic Grieve, former Attorney General and Conservative MP, has echoed these sentiments – telling BBC News that Johnson has a constitutional duty to resign, if he misled the Queen.

Boris Johnson is rapidly discovering there are consequences to behaving like a dictator.

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