Post-Brexit trade deals: New website brilliantly mocks Tory government’s failure

A new website has been launched, ripping into the Conservative Party’s stuttering atempts to secure trade deals after Brexit.

The website, havewegotafuckingtradedealyet.com, tracks the British government’s success at getting free trade deals with other countries, ready for when Britain leaves the EU.


It has a list of countries and asks whether we have a “fucking trade deal” with them or not.

Made by campaign group Fucking Brexit, the site estimates that Britain has negotiated around three and a half fully-fledged trade deals so far.

It says that Britain has secured trade deals with Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Madagascar and Mauritius but that they are “not entirely ‘free trade'”.

The website says:

“Brexit spells disaster for the UK, and our government has failed to prepare. It is our patriotic duty to protect the UK by stopping Brexit.”

The BBC estimates that the UK has negotiated 19 “continuity agreements” with other countries. However, these agreements are not entirely new trade deals. They just roll over the existing terms that we already have with these countries due to our EU membership.

What’s more, the continuity agreements only cover a measly 8% of the UK’s current trade.

The campaign website adds that the UK will have to negotiate at least 759 separate treaties to “Get Brexit Done”.

Far be it for Scram to criticise part-time Trade Secretary and full-time meme Liz Truss but… “That. Is. A. Disgrace”.

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