PMQs “parallel universe”: Telegraph roasted for article about Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer

The Telegraph has been widely roasted for an article about the prospect of Boris Johnson beating Keir Starmer at PMQs.

Ahead of today’s clash, people have been re-sharing an article published in the Telegraph opinion section last week, entitled: “In the theatre of PMQs, dazzling Boris Johnson will beat dull Keir Starmer every time”.


And so people have taken the opportunity to roll around laughing. We all need cheering up at the minute, after all.

Indeed, Starmer has faced the PM twice at PMQs so far, and has on both occasions thoroughly trounced the Tory leader – methodically unpicking the government’s record on coronavirus and exposing Johnson’s empty bluster.

The article does acknowledge that Starmer seems to be “finding his feet” in his jousts with Johnson, but suggests that the Labour leader will suffer once MPs return to the chamber.

“When normality returns, Starmer’s every question will be faced with a barrage of noise, riotous laughter, jeers and orchestrated heckling,” the article says.

Yes, the Commons chamber will inevitably get louder when MPs return. But you cannot imagine Tory MPs finding the enthusiasm to cheer and jeer while their man is getting publicly dismantled.

A lot of noise doesn’t change the fact that Starmer objectively has the beating of Johnson.

Take a football match for example – in pre-corona conditions. You will rarely find a home stadium chanting at full volume when their side is 5-0 down.

We could see a very similar situations when MPs take their seats once again in the House of Commons.