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Piers Morgan platforms Tommy Robinson supporter in debate about racism

Piers Morgan’s at it again.

The nation’s rampaging, right-wing alarm clock has written a column for the Daily Mail (that famously anti-racist publication), claiming that Britain has not been racist towards Meghan Markle.


Naturally, everyone with a sense of decency and access to the internet can see that Morgan’s argument is patently false. However, the breakfast TV troll has used his sizeable social media following to amplify the few people who agree with him.

A bit awkwardly, however, this has involved platforming fans of the far-right.

Morgan posted this tweet earlier today – to his 7.1 million followers – thanking a fellow Twitter user for supporting his claim that Markle hasn’t been driven out of the country by “racist Brits”.

This is where it starts to get uncomfortable for Piers.

“Olivia Pope”, the person he befriended, is actually a big supporter of Tommy Robinson – a notorious racist.

In fact, Pope is so infatuated with the far-right leader that her account features the hashtag #TommySupporter.

In a tweet from December last year, Pope describes Robinson as “a truth teller and a genuine all round nice guy.”

Here’s a note to Piers Morgan: if your views are met with high-fives from fans of the far-right, you’re on the wrong side of the argument.


4 responses to “Piers Morgan platforms Tommy Robinson supporter in debate about racism

  1. The plan to hijack the royal family with this preposterous notion of part-time royals was hatched long before the press started attacking meagan. But its more reason not to like the couple- race notwithstanding. Decry racism all u desire— However, Meagan is a horrid limelight seeking dimwit who doesn’t need the excuse of race to dislike her.

  2. What is happening to this country! Islam has been riding rough over our laws and culture for atleast the last 12 years! Terror attack after terror attack! The prison system is over run with extreme islamists, which in itself speaks volumes! Read the rotherham report! Its chilling! Sadly that is the tip of the iceberg! Islam is the greatest threat to this nation since the nazi’s and the sooner people like prick morgan, the police forces and anyone else that wont admit that severe crimes against our children, our society, our culture and our civilised way of life are being comitted on a wide spread daily basis sit up and actually realise by denying its happening you are no better than the perpetrators of these horrific immoral crimes! Paedophillia and gang rape are not less serious crimes than the abject fear of being accused of potentially being racist and should never ever be tollerated to avoid the later! Britain, England, wake up!

  3. Odd, innit, now that Labour got spanked, that they are NOW decrying the ‘rape gangs’ that Tommy Robinson was talking about. And your “every right thinking person’ fallacy stinks. You are to journalism what Jack Chick is to theology.

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