Piers Morgan slaps down pro-Boris “euphoria” on PM’s return to action

Piers Morgan has provided a bit of context, amid adulation from right-wing commentators that Boris Johnson has returned to duty.

Speaking on ITV this morning, following the Prime Minister’s return to Downing Street last night, Morgan poured cold water on the suggestion that Johnson is our saviour.


“I’m thrilled Boris Johnson is back at work. Great,” Morgan said.

“But the whole tone of the papers today that somehow the miracle worker has returned to save us all – there’s a very good argument he’s the one with his lax activity, before he got sick, [who] got us into this position.

“So forgive me if I just take a bit of a beat, before I’m joining in the euphoria.”

Indeed, while it’s good news that Johnson has recovered from coronavirus, we must not lose sight of the position we’re currently in, under his leadership.

We’re heading for one of the highest death totals in Europe, with over 20,000 hospital fatalities already, we’re testing far fewer people for the virus than other countries, many frontline workers don’t have adequate PPE, and we’re breaking international convention on face masks.

Many will be happy to see the PM back at work, but we will only be happy when he takes radical action to sort out the mess he’s got us in.



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