People back Javid over Johnson, finds poll

People think that Sajid Javid was right to resign as Chancellor yesterday, in a major snub to Boris Johnson.

A new YouGov poll has found that 49% of the general population think that Javid was right to pack his bags, whereas only 12% disapprove of his decision.


Even 43% of Tory voters think Javid did the right thing, while 19% don’t.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Johnson told Javid that he could only stay on as Chancellor if he sacked all his advisers. To which Javid effectively responded: “well f*ck you then, mate.”

Javid has been succeeded by his Padawan Rishi Sunak, who now has the unenviable task of producing a new budget in the space of just one month.

We hope he’s stocked up on coffee.


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