Far-right party among UK’s highest earning political parties

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Annual accounts released by the Electoral Commission today show that a far-right party was among the highest-earning UK political parties in 2018.


The Electoral Commission released the annual accounts of the ‘larger’ political parties in the UK – with an income or expenditure of £250,000+ being the threshold for inclusion.

The For Britain Movement, a far-right party, was on the list with an annual income of £254,000.

As we have reported before, the For Britain Movement was founded in 2017 by former UKIP leadership contender Anne Marie Waters. Its platform includes reducing Muslim immigration to zero, and it has been linked to the neo-Nazi group National Action, as well as the white nationalist group Generation Identity.

The party’s supporters include the Smiths frontman Morrissey, and membership fees amounted to a scary £186,000 during 2018.

Of course, the Electoral Commission accounts also feature UKIP, with an income of £1.5m during the year – a party that many would argue is now far-right.

It’s clear that far-right parties have intruded into the mainstream of British life – and we need to fight back.

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