“Not in my name”: Brexit open letter delivered to EU leaders

Ahead of the UK’s departure from the EU tomorrow, the Scram News team has travelled to Brussels to deliver an open letter to European Parliament leaders.

The open letter, telling the EU that Brexit is not in our name, was signed by over 56,000 people. We delivered all the names to Guy Verhofstadt (pictured above), the former Brexit co-ordinator for the European Parliament, as well as Vice President of European Parliament Katarina Barley.


Labour Party MEP Seb Dance launched the open letter in conjunction with Scram News last week, and he accompanied us when delivering the letter to European Parliament.

Seb Dance MEP
Katarina Barley MEP and Seb Dance MEP

The letter has also gained cross-party support in European Parliament, and has been championed by Alexandra Phillips (Green MEP for the South East), Jude Kirton-Darling (Labour MEP for the North East) and Catherine Bearder (Liberal Democrat MEP for the South East).

Dance, a Labour Party MEP for London who previously and famously held up a “he’s lying to you” sign next to Nigel Farage in European Parliament, said: 

“The incredible response to my letter just goes to show the strength of anti-Brexit feeling that still exists in the UK and beyond. At this stage we can’t stop Brexit, but the UK now has the largest and most active pro-European movement on the continent, and that will not disappear on 31st January – Boris Johnson would do well to remember that.”

We might be leaving the EU tomorrow, but we will not stop being Europeans.

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