“No, we don’t want Brexit!” Dominic Raab heckled in excruciating hustings

Dominic Raab was left with no doubts about voter’s opinions last night when constituents attended a hustings to tell him: “No, we don’t want Brexit done!”.

At a hustings in Cobham, Raab was giving a generic stump speech on Brexit and said “if you want Brexit done…”


But A video posted on social media shows the emphatic response of many members of the audience: “No! We don’t want it done. We don’t want Brexit done, Mr Raab. We don’t want it done.”

The Foreign Secretary is standing again in Esher and Walton, where 58% voted for Remain in the 2016 referendum. The constituency has both Leave and Remain alliances, with the Brexit Party standing aside in favour of the Tories, and the Green Party standing aside in favour of the Liberal Democrats.

Raab dismissed the shouts as not coming from the “moderates in the audience or the constituency.” He claimed these voters “overwhelmingly tell me they do [want Brexit].”

The response? “No! We’re here. No we don’t! Listen to us Mr Raab!”

In Raab’s closing statement, he claimed the Conservatives offered “a moderate approach to Brexit”. Guffaws of laughter filled the church.

It’s understood that Raab made a fairly swift exit at the end of the hustings.

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