Nigel Farage: We shouldn’t be obsessing over carbon emissions

Leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage has said that we shouldn’t be obsessing over carbon emissions.

Speaking on the Nigel Farage show on LBC, he claimed that they way to protect the climate was to plant more trees to absorb the dangerous gas but added that he was unsure as to whether CO2 was even an issue. 


He said: 

“I am not absolutely convinced that we should be obsessing on CO2 there are many other things we should think about”.

It is not the first time that Farage has showed his climate sceptic hand. In 2015, he called wind farms “collective economic insanity” and earlier this year called climate change a “scam”.

And in July, he said that young people are being indoctrinated to believe in global warming in schools, rather than being allowed to “debate” it.

Extinction Rebellion are embarking on two weeks of international protest to raise awareness about climate change. Speaking on LBC, Farage went on to criticise the group for protesting, and called on them to plant trees instead. 

And Nigel Farage is also not the only member of the Brexit Party to appear sceptical of the climate. MP candidate Malcom Bint has called climate change activists “whackos”, and another candidate. Richard Milton has written books denouncing science.

Whether people want Brexit or not, it should be known that a vote for the Brexit Party will not just be a vote for Brexit- but could be a vote against protecting the climate as well.

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