Nigel Farage roasted for saying UK will be seen as a “joke” if Big Ben doesn’t bong

Chief twat Nigel Farage has been burned for claiming that Britain will be seen as a “joke” if Big Ben doesn’t chime on 31st January.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, the Brexit Party leader said it would be an embarrassment if we didn’t spend an inordinate amount of money for Big Ben to bong at 11pm on Brexit day.


He said: “Boris got elected on a massive majority on the basis of Get Brexit Done and he can’t even bring himself as Prime Minister to say they are going to fund this to show the world we are organised and we are ready.

“I frankly think that, around the world, at that moment at 11pm, if Big Ben doesn’t strike, our country looks like a joke.”

However, unsurprisingly, people have pointed out that Britain is already seen as a joke, thanks to mugs like Farage and their self-destructive Brexit policies.

Others also rightly pointed out that our obsession with this vanity event is actually much more damaging to Britain’s reputation than anything else.

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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