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Police “bombarded” with complaints about Nigel Farage breaking lockdown

East Sussex police have been “bombarded” with complaints from upstanding citizens, who reported Nigel Farage’s breach of lockdown rules.

The Brexiteer-in-Chief recorded a video on a beach in Sussex last week, during which he raged about boats carrying “illegal immigrants” into the country.


However, in the midst of coronavirus lockdown, people were keen to point out that Farage wasn’t exactly following the rules – especially since he drove miles from his home in Kent.

And so, according to Farage, police in Sussex were inundated with complaints last week, calling on them to take action against the Brexit Party leader.

In a social media video released yesterday, Farage said:

“Amazing. East Sussex police last week were bombarded by complaints that I’d broken the lockdown. Twitter – full of complaints that I should be taken off Twitter for simply telling the truth.”

East Sussex police also confirmed to us that they had received multiple complaints, and would be investigating accordingly.

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