Nigel Farage reveals post-election plan to write “Broken Britain” book

Nigel Farage has revealed that he will be writing a book after the general election about “Broken Britain”.

Speaking on one of his many Facebook shows, On The Road, he said that issues like Universal Credit and food bank use were shocking and that he intends to write a book offering solutions to these problems.


He said:

“So much in this country is actually broken in terms of our system of government, the way the polling industry works.

“I will be writing a book very shortly after this election called “Broken Britain” where I will go through my first hand experience in this campaign of so much of what I’ve seen and try and put forward some alternatives”.

His revelation comes in the last week of general election campaigning in which politicians are doing their best to capture the attention of the electorate. But with MEPs quitting the Brexit Party, Farage is polling badly and is unlikely to gain any MPs.

Nigel Farage is desperate to remain in the public eye. With the Brexit Party imploding and knowing that public debate will move on to different issues once Brexit is resolved, he is laying the groundwork to restyle himself as a domestic policy champion.

We must not let him.

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