Nigel Farage reveals Donald Trump’s new MAGA hat

Nigel Farage has revealed the new Donald Trump merchandise that is set to be released ahead of his 2020 presidential campaign.

Appealing to racists of all shapes and sizes, Farage revealed on his LBC show last night the new, updated version of Trump’s Make America Great Again cap.


With its “Keep America Great” slogan, Trump is clearly implying that over the last four years he has single-handedly reversed the country’s fortunes. That’s a tough line to sell when you’re on the verge of a war with Iran.

However, forever a faithful lapdog to the President, Farage showed off his hat with pride – handed to him by Trump himself during a recent visit to the White House.

The leader of the Brexit Party also made sure he had a gift of his own to hand over to the President of the United States: a newly-minted Brexit 50p coin.

We’re sure the President was thrilled.


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