Nigel Farage reveals the Brexit Party’s strategy for bypassing the news media

Nigel Farage has divulged the Brexit Party’s media strategy in an extended interview with one of his MEPs.

Speaking to Martin Daubney on his new online TV show All Opinions Welcome (because apparently BrexBox wasn’t enough), Farage outlined how the party plans to concentrate heavily on social media to gain exposure – bypassing the mainstream press.


Farage said the Brexit Party would be using online videos to circumvent what he describes as the “pro-Remain” bias of the media.

He said:

“The internet is where things are happening and the Brexit Party would not have got off to the amazing start it did had we not had such high quality films and videos.” 

He claims these videos reach more people than broadcasts from mainstream media channels, and that he sees social media videos and YouTube broadcasts as a gap in the political market for communications. He compared his success to American politicians who use their own channels to communicate with mass audiences.

He also said that, while he welcomed scrutiny, he believed that broadcasters were not allowing him to get “a fair crack of the whip” in debates, meaning his messages were less impactful on mainstream shows.

Farage did not, however, cover the more avante-garde uses of social media that some of his MEPs have been responsible for. Yesterday, Alexandra Phillips posted a misleading video claiming EU politicians were not attending European Parliament.

As for their digital success, viewership of the party’s spectacularly awful YouTube show BrexBox is in decline, so Farage’s plan may not be as effective as he thinks.

And somehow, we can’t see Ann Widdecombe emerging as Britain’s next big vlogger.

14 responses to “Nigel Farage reveals the Brexit Party’s strategy for bypassing the news media

  1. Yet another remoaner attempt to denigrate the Brexit Party against the interests of patriots. I wonder why they want to be ruled by the Brussels equivalent of the Politburo? They can’t see the essentially un-democratic nature of the EU, because they have no idea what democracy is.

    1. Have these silly old folk who support Farage and the four directors of the Brexit Company any idea that they are giving money to a limited company , not a political party , they have no say no vote , it’s just a way of lining the pockets of Farage and those directors , they have no reposibility to those who give them money and as long as they declare it for tax purposes in which which ever country the Company is redgisterd ,they can just walk away with it , the latest scam the Brexit Company club possaby the idea of Phillip Basey , Company Secretary , membership gives you free access to listen to Farage and his mates rant on , a signed photo of Farage , a free Brexit company mug or a scarf , if twenty five per cent of the deluded folk who sent twenty five pounds thinking they were joining a political party , were to pay the one hundred pounds per month for membership of the Brexit company club , this would net Farage two and a half million pounds a month , Farage says he has the country’s interest at heart , I think not , more the pockets

      1. Please list the political parties that require no funding and are run on fresh air and by volunteers.

        Farage comes from a wealthy background and was a successful commodities trader in the City before he gave his lucrative career up to concentrate his time and efforts to getting Britain out of the EU.

        If you think Farage is in this to make money you are clearly completely out of touch.

        1. Er, Farage is making £30k per month from his media company ‘thorn in the side’ and is still taking his lucrative salary and massive pension from the EU even though he does nothing but cause obstruction. You think he’s not in it for the money?

          1. He’s not in it for the money.

            He earns a lot less now than in his previous career as a successful commodities trader in the City as I mentioned previously.

            He will earn a lot more when he leaves politics as soon as his mission is complete and Britain has completely left the EU.

            I fully understand your need to find anything negative to say about him but if you think this is one of them, you are very much mistaken.

            Let me repeat……he is not doing this for the money.

    2. Interesting to see the comments here. Those in support of Brexit are completely inarticulate of course (informous!) . It illustrates what I’ve always known, which is along the lines of not everyone who voted leave is a moronic cretin, but anyone who is an idiot is a Brexiteer.
      Incidentally, Farage is not in it for the money. He craves power.

  2. So much easier to post false report and brexit lies on social media , by the way WHY? did Twitter suspend yur parties founder account – oh yes false news

    1. Continuation of same old brexit lies and conspiracy.. we still waiting for 350 dividend from brexit to our NHS..
      Still wondering how much has been spent so far preparing for brexit. Shame!!!

  3. Brexit was voted for by racist, illiterate old people or young thug types who have never worked in their sorry lives. All of course claim to be military people and protectionists of ” are cuntry”. The majority are avid Tommy Robinson supporters which says everything about the kind of scumbag they are.

  4. What rubbish, note that Twitter has not suspended the Trump account over falsehoods lies and innuendo.
    I agree the entire current political establishment are a disgrace as is the Supreme Court. From the partisan “Speaker” to the News Media ~ none are fit for office ~ all should be blocked. Note:- Nigel Farage is without a doubt the most articulate front runner in any forthcoming election. He has my vote

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