Nigel Farage says he’d be happy for “more and more and more” privatisation in the NHS

Right-wing gob Nigel Farage has said he would be happy for “more and more and more” privatisation in the NHS.

Speaking in an interview with controversial right-wing student group Turning Point UK, the leader of the Brexit Party squirmed when asked if there should be more or less privatisation of the health service but said “he would be happy” to see outsourcing treatment to private hospitals “sensibly and intelligently”.


Referring to private medical groups taking on NHS cancer patients, he said:

“If you call that privatisation, yes.

“I’d be happy to use it more and more and more, of course I would”.

Nigel Farage’s views on the NHS have been somewhat unclear in recent years. In December, the Brexiteer denied supporting an insurance-based NHS despite arguing for the policy on numerous occasions.

Meanwhile, the NHS spokesperson of Farage’s Brexit Party said privatisation in the NHS can be “brilliant”.

Now, speaking to the right-wing student group Farage expressed his conflicted views. He added:

“The trouble with that question is what does the word mean? Does the word mean you sell of hospitals or does it mean that you’re able to source services from different companies?

“It’s a very difficult question. The British public do not want the national health service to be privatised… despite its myriad of faults.

“I think in terms of political reality any linkage of the word NHS with privatisation would be a no-no for the next decade.

“For once I’m not really going to answer your question.”

Let’s not let Nigel Farage go anywhere near our NHS. Ever.



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