Nigel Farage skewered by Labour voter about Brexit on general election campaign trail

Nigel Farage’s general election campaign is heading in the same direction as Boris Johnson’s, after the Brexit Party leader was skewered by a member of the public on a walkabout yesterday.

Farage was canvassing in Cumbria, in search of the “Workington Man” – a label concocted in the Westminster test tube by columnists to describe a group of working-class Labour voters who they think will now support the Tories.


Farage was trying to prove that the Workington Man is actually far more likely to support the Brexit Party, but was left sorely disappointed.

The Brexit Party leader encountered a working-class, Labour-voting rugby player who said he unequivocally supported a second referendum.

“There were so many lies told the last time. You can’t deny there were lies,” he said.

The man said that members of his rugby club “thought they were voting to take back control, they thought it was about Islam.”

“You’re just trying to profit from that politics of fear,” he added.

When Workington Man then admitted that he would be voting Labour at the election, Farage tried to turn the tables, accusing Corbyn’s party of letting voters down. However, Farage isn’t as nimble on his feet as he likes to think, and was immediately shot down by the rugby player.

“Labour haven’t let them down. This is a mess all of the Tories’ making,” he retorted.

It seems privately educated former city broker Farage hasn’t got the magic touch with northern Labour voters after all.

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  1. Am I right that Farage holds duel UK and French passports and if so since he is so keen on a hard Brexit presumably he would be giving up the latter or is it that he gets to keep what he wants everyone else to lose??

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