“I haven’t finished”: Nigel Farage plans to keep on campaigning against the European Union

Nigel Farage has promised to keep on campaigning until every country in Europe has left the European Union.

Speaking at Liberty University in Virginia last night, Farage said he wasn’t planning on giving up on politics yet (God help us all).


“I haven’t finished with just getting the United Kingdom out of the European Union; I won’t settle until I get the whole of Europe out of the European Union,” he said, ominously.

This is exactly what the EU is worried about, with Vice President Mairead McGuinness saying last week she expects Farage to carry on his campaign to “kill Europe”.

Farage accepted an honorary doctorate from Liberty University after his speech – something that no UK university is understandably willing to grant him.

The Brexit Party leader also gave a sermon about the merits of freedom and liberty, as embodied in the US constitution. “If you want to be free people, you’ve got to be able to live in liberty, you’ve got to be able to determine your own futures,” he said.

Yet this is more than slightly ironic, given that “Liberty” University has a strict, conservative set of student rules. The university’s honor code prohibits homosexual relationships, premarital sex, and even attending dances.

Not exactly the beacon of “freedom” that Farage assumes.


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