Nigel Farage’s immigration-bashing returns in new video

Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, has broken his extended silence about immigration, saying that Labour’s pledge to extend free movement and relax immigration laws is “appalling and revolting”.

Speaking on his new YouTube show, Talk of the Week, Farage said that the Labour Party has become “extreme” in its approach. He also made the extraordinary claim that Labour’s immigration policy is designed to import more Labour voters into the UK.


Labour Party conference last weekend approved a policy to “maintain and extend free movement rights”, “close all detention centres” and “reject any immigration system based on incomes, migrants’ utility to business, and number/caps/targets.”

But Farage was furious about the policy, claiming it would lead to the near-disintegration of Britain.

Rolling out lines of attack that we haven’t seen from Farage since the EU referendum campaign, the Brexit Party leader said that migration undercuts wages and fundamentally changes the fabric of society.

He added:

“Everything from the crisis in our schools, our hospitals, our roads comes down to the population crisis. We have a serious population crisis. We don’t have the infrastructure to deal with the population”.

Unsurprisingly, Farage’s understanding of Labour policy was also misleading. He said that a Labour government would mean “anyone” could enter the UK without restrictions, claiming: “There’s going to be a complete open door to anyone who wants to come into the United Kingdom if Labour gets to power”.

However, independent fact checking charity, Full Fact has concluded that Labour did not vote to scrap all controls on immigration.

Farage is not the only member of his party to hold controversial views about the decline of Britain. As we have reported, one of his MP candidates used to be the General Secretary of a party which preaches a conspiracy theory about the ‘great replacement’ of white indigenous Brits by immigrants.

These views are also espoused by far-right and disgraced group Britain First, who have recently launched a ‘campaign’ to patrol Britain’s borders and generally shout at refugees attempting to enter the country.

We haven’t seen Farage whip up this sort of anti-immigration fervour since the referendum, when he notoriously launched a giant billboard about the migrant invasion of Britain. However, it now seems that immigrant-bashing is a core part of his general election strategy against the Labour Party.

We have previously reported that Nigel Farage intends to use social media to bypass media scrutiny and spread his views directly to audiences, despite criticism that this is “dodging journalists”.

It now seems that the first item on his agenda is to whip up fear about migrants.

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